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“I Knew Them When…”

Posted on 30 November 2011

Wingsite’s  2011 holiday party will have a special twist – Providing the opportunity to showcase up and coming “20-something” creative talents who are just getting started in the world.

A creative and fun event, giving young people their first legitimate opportunity to share their passions, and do some “inter-generational” networking.

See their work, hear their talent, watch their skills.

Among those featured we have an artist, a blogger/writer/commentator, a song writer/performer, a photographer, a magician and a national stunt bike champion.   This will be our first annual, “I Knew Them When” creative event in Connecticut.  You meet them before anyone knows them!

As a further part of the event, we’re asking every invitee to bring along with them a “20-something”, just starting out.  Wingsite will make a charitable donation to the Petit Family Foundation for every new “20-something friend” that attends.

The theme of the event dovetails well with our belief that reaching out to help move the next generation forward can only help us move forward as well.

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