Schools and Libraries

For 28 years, Wingsite Displays, Inc. has been creating unique environments, whether it’s for a trade show, museum or retail setting. So, when Covid-19 hit, it was an easy transition to protecting environments against the spread of Covid-19. Call us or visit our showroom today to discuss the best solution for your school or library.

Teacher and Library Desks

Covid-19 certainly created unexpected, unplanned needs for your school environment, but your shielding doesn’t have to look unplanned. Wingsite provides a solution that looks like it’s been there all along.

Our  mounting solutions allow for shield mounting that does not permanently affect the mounting surface with holes. Call us today to discuss your particular needs. With some quick photos and dimensions, we can accommodate any requirement.

Desktop – Standard Sizes

Save time and money with our standard-size desktop partitions – four popular sizes are available. They assemble easily with slide-on supports. They’re portable so you can move them to where you need them. Pass-through openings are an option available at no extra charge. Inquire today about discounts for your particular quantities.

Standard Sizes:

24” high x 24” wide – $85.00

24” high x 36” wide – $100.00

30” wide x 30” high – $125.00

30” wide x 40” wide – $140.00

Classroom Solutions


The Hold ‘N Fold



The Think Tank

NEW! Solutions for Mobility

Our mobile shield solutions move with the teacher during a presentation or travel right to a student’s desk for individualized help. They can be customized to your specifications, with shelving, paper holders, even your school logo.


   The Caddy Cart

The Rover

The Scholar

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