Protective Shields and Graphics for Safe Social Distancing

For 28 years, Wingsite Displays, Inc. has been creating unique environments, whether it’s for a trade show, museum or retail setting. So, when Covid-19 hit, it was an easy transition to protecting environments against the spread of Covid-19. Over the years, we’ve worked with sheet Plexiglas in unique ways. We offer tempered glass, too. We can put our creativity to work for you, developing the custom solutions required to protect your workplace,  retail store, or where ever people may come in close contact. Call us at 860-257-3300 for an immediate quote or visit our showroom today.

Office Environments

Covid-19 certainly created unexpected, unplanned needs for your office environment, but your shielding doesn’t have to look unplanned. Wingsite can design a solution that looks like it’s been there all along.


Desktop – Standard Sizes

Save time and money with our standard-size desktop partitions – four popular sizes are available. They assemble easily with slide-on supports. They’re portable so you can move them to where you need them. Pass-through openings are an option available at no extra charge. Inquire today about discounts for your particular quantities.

Standard Sizes:

24” high x 24” wide – $85.00

24” high x 36” wide – $100.00

30” wide x 30” high – $125.00

30” wide x 40” wide – $140.00

Custom Sizes and Mounting

Our custom mounting solutions allow for shield mounting that does not permanently affect the mounting surface with holes. Call us today to discuss your particular needs. With some quick photos and dimensions, we can accommodate any custom requirement.

Office Partition Toppers

Standard office cubicles don’t necessarily offer enough protection from Covid-19 exposure. We fabricate simple, unobtrusive partition toppers to  provide that extra protection for office cubicles.


Food Service and Transaction Shields

Our shields for food service environments and transaction stations reassure your customers that you’re taking all protective measures.

Custom Restroom Partitions

Maintaining safe distancing in restrooms can be difficult so adding partitions is important for the safety of all. Contact us today to see how we can provide the necessary protection to fight the spread.

Advisory Graphics and Signage

We offer large-format graphics, portable banner stands, floor graphics and more!


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