Open & Shut Case Display

Our Open & Shut line is changing the way our clients exhibit. Our Open & Shut Case is giving control back to the client, and allowing them to do things on their own terms. The unit is a self-contained display that transforms from the actual shipping case to the fully exposed, high-end, all-inclusive display that’s the envy of everyone in your aisle. An Open & Shut Case can be self set-up in literally minutes, eliminating the need to hire costly on-site labor.

In addition, with no empty crates to store, there’s no waiting at the close of the show. You pack your miscellaneous materials in the back, close up, and you’re off to the airport. No more extra nights in a hotel, or worries about making that flight. And, if money is an issue, you’ll love knowing it pays for itself after just a few shows.


Open & Shut Case display features include:

  • Highly-customizable and reconfigurable, with showcases, lightboxes, rear-illuminated graphics, and more!
  • Sets up in minutes…many designs under 5 minutes!
  • Reliable, long-lasting LED lighting technology.
  • HDMI/USB Connectivity.
  • 50″ smart TV built in.
  • Folds into itself for shipping – no separate shipping case, no waiting for empty cases at the close of your show!
  • Surprisingly affordable, with it paying for itself, often after 4-5 uses.

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